Bachelor's Degree

Degree’s title:
Bachelor of Arts in International Development (4-year-program)

Learning system:

  • Full-time study program at MFU in Chiang Rai, Thailand
  • World-wide professional training in the 3rd year

Why should you apply for this program?:

  • We have experience:
    It is Thailand’s first BA program in International Development since 2013.
  • We prepare:
    This program focuses on incubating ‘change-maker’ who is well-trained on critical thinking, creative thinking for progressive problem-solving, and cross-cultural working skills.
  • We support:
    Jobs in the field of International Development can be found around the world. This program supports all learners in seeing and taking those opportunities through various learning and extra-curricular activities.

Program’s structure:

  • Core courses and Major required courses in International Development are offered to all learners during the 1st- the 3rd year.
  • At the 4th year, learners can choose a specified major elective courses:
    • Issues and skill training in International Development works according to UN sustainable development goals (SDGs); and
    • In-depth study in Border Studies and transborder developmental issues


  • MFU Scholarship program according to university’s announcement

Learning support:

  • MFU library, computer laboratory, and Self Access Learning Center
  • University Wi-fi network
  • Area-based Social Innovation Research Center [AB-SIRC]
  • Asian Research Center for International Development [ARCID]

Job opportunity:

  • Staff of intergovernmental organizations
  • Personnel of Non-governmental organizations
  • Government officials
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Researchers for academic institutes and think tanks
  • Corporate social responsibility-CSR officers in private sector
  • Journalist